Healthy Apple Oatmeal

Healthy Apple Oatmeal

Healthy Apple Oatmeal

Healthy Apple Oatmeal

Quick and healthy Oatmeal is a best breakfast Idea. It is so easy and taste so good. You can enjoy already prepared delicious oatmeal in any breakfast restaurants but why to spend so much money when you can make it at home in no time. I am using apple, Oats and raisins to make this healthy Oatmeal.

You can also use Oatmeal for making Oatmeal Cheele. If you eat Oatmeal in the breakfast it will keep you feel full till your lunch time. It helps to loose weight and maintain healthy weight.


1/2 cup oat

1 cup hot water

1 table spoon raisins

1/4 cup chopped apple

2 table spoon milk(optional)


  1. In a bowl add 1/2 cup oat meal next add water and mix well.
  2.  If you want to add milk, add milk and mix well..
  3. Next add raisins and mix. You don’t really need any sugar or sweetener for this recipe but if you want to add some sweetness than you can use brown sugar or honey.
  4. Finally add apple on the top.
  5. Delicious healthy Apple Oat meal is ready to enjoy in the breakfast.

I hope you will like this delicious and healthy apple Oatmeal breakfast Idea. Please write your comment to share your experience.

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